Exercises Core

exercises core
exercises core
exercises core

Exercises core is a training method focuses on the stomach and back.

The basic idea of exercises core is to build strength, stability and balance to be used when we need it most. The back and stomach are involved in many heavy tasks in everyday life and a strong stomach and back is a great advantage to avoid and prevent injuries.


By training the abdomen, back and pelvis which is the body's center of balance and movement can be facilitated in positions that expose the body's center portion. Besides stomach and back in focus as core muscles including other muscle groups in the body that is to say stomach, back, pelvis, hips, buttocks and shoulders.


You can divide the core in two different training parts, one which deals with stability and one that is about strength. Stability is something that everyone needs, stability contributes effectively to bring arms and legs forward. Stability helps you to have a stable and straight posture which contribute less risk of injury. Strength is more about performance but it requires that you have stability as a basis. One contribution of the other, strong core muscles also provides increased stability.


Besides the injury prevention you get other health-giving benefits when you exercises core.
- Better posture
- Stability
- Smoother body
- Increased strength
- Increased fat burning
- Stability
- Reduced risk of pain in the lower back
- Injury prevention

And the biggest advantage of exercises core is that it can almost be performed anywhere, at home or at the gym. Tools commonly used is ball crunch or a soft exercise mat.


Without the ball crunch, you can exercises core by doing the traditional regular crunch exercise, which is the most known exercise for the stomach:

Lie on the floor and place your hand behind the head for lightly support. Contract the abs and lift the shoulder blades off the floor. Lower and repeat.

More examples of exercises core without gym equipment:

This exercise is called "the banana":
Start by lying on the floor with legs together, arms extended overhead, belly button pulled in toward spine. Keeping head between arms, slowly raise upper body and legs off floor to form a gentle bananalike curve and hold. Then repeat.

You can also exercises core by doing “bridge-up”:
Begin seated on the floor, knees bent, feet flat, arms bent with hands on floor below shoulders. Straighten arms, allowing butt/hips to rise off of ground until your body from your head to your knees is in a straight line parallel to the floor. Hold and then go to start position and repeat.

Back extensions: 
Back Extensions is a good way to exercises core. Then you lie face down, legs together and extended straight. Arms bent with hands behind neck, head and neck in a neutral position. Lift the upper body chest and shoulders off of the ground, crunching towards the hips. Hold for a while at highest position. Slowly lower to start position to complete then repeat.


If you exercises core properly, you will notice the difference in your posture and your strength in the stomach and back. Best of all - you prevent injuries to your back.